About Me & Links

Brief Intro.

I am an ordinary freshman at HDU, also a semi-vidar member (trying hard to be a real one!). I’ve already found that I loves everything about computer science so much, long before I was only 13. But, because of the lack of CS-learning atmosphere and the stress of college entrance examination, all my way to CS suspended suddenly after I just comprehended the most basic part of it. Now that I am now a freshman majoring in Computer Science, I’d like to seize every opportunity to chase my dreams and my interests of CS.

Math is a subject that I have to spend nearly every minute of my time catching up with it, so it seems impossible for me to get any prizes in ACM, let alone in fact I don’t love it so much. However, CTF, unlike ACM, attracts me a lot, as it perfectly accords with my expectation of a “Hacker-way Life”. In short, what supports me to take part in CTFs, is my interests. I learn because I like it - That’s the way I live my life.

Mentioning my life … well, I have a very cute GF, we have been together for around 3 years. A love at the age of 18 is just too fragile, but we do want it to keep on existing, till the day we finnaly “get together”. (She insists that I add this paragraph =,= Shh~)

Track of Tech.

  • L2 @ C (2017 - 2018)
  • L2 @ Python (2012 - 2014, 2018 - ?)
  • L1 @ Deep Learning (2018 - ?)
  • L1 @ C++ (2018 - ?)
  • L1 @ HTML / CSS / Javascript (jQuery) (2011 - 2012)
  • L1 @ Visual Basic / Visual Basic Script (2011)

Only posts the ID which I have already been familiar with (and I can find where it is …)